Worldham 25-03-2017

The first 18 hole round is done. A full 5 weeks since I last even played 9 holes I got out to a course and finished 18 holes. It felt great. The score wasn’t what I’d hoped for when I started this back at the turn of the year, or compared to how I was playing at the tail end of last season, but my swing has been through a lot problems in that time so it is something to build from.


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Week Review 10

Halfway through March and starting to get a bit down that I’ve not managed to get in a full 18 yet. I went out on Thursday with the intention of getting it done but the combination of playing a new course and it still being so wet underfoot overcame the glorious weather that blessed the day and it turned into a 9 hole slog. Then it rained for most of the afternoon anyway!

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Week Review 9

Oops! This one is late as well. Not that that is too much of a problem but I’ll try and get back to Mondays from here on out.

This week has been really good for my golf. Following on from my lesson covered in last weeks review I’ve managed 3 full swing practice sessions and some putting and short game time and I’ve had no recurrence of my slicing issue. I’ve still got work to do to groove the habits back into my swing routine but I can at least imagine myself being able to complete a round now. It’s definitely pushing me to speak to my pro more often and certainly if i’m noticing unwanted trends with my shots as it only took him 5 minutes to sort out my weeks of frustration. Continue reading “Week Review 9”

Week Review 8

Now technically this post is late, but this one at least was intentional. With my ongoing flip flopping between hitting the ball well and hitting the ball OB right I had a session booked with the pro for this evening when he was back from holiday. I didn’t want to post again to say that I’d had another mixed week when all I’m doing is practicing alone and going nowhere.

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Week Review 7

Lucky number 7. This week has been a big relief for my mental state and hopefully signals the turnaround at just the right time for the future of my golf. A Sunday trip to the range finally made a breakthrough after the increasing despair of my round on Saturday. Prior to yesterday everything was going to the right and nothing I could seem to do made any difference. I had tried adjusting so many of the different things I’ve worked on in lessons previously (grip, stance, tempo, takeaway) and nothing had seemed to have any effect on it. I went to the range yesterday with my GoPro determined to get something to look at and analyse to see if I could spot anything and in doing so I stumbled upon the thing which has seemed to give me a fighting chance of getting some balls back on target.

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Dibden 9 Hole 18-02-2017

A combination this one. My usual Saturday roll up lesson was turned into an on course thing as there was only a few of us. Now this wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for as I’ve been struggling with my full swing during my range time and I really wanted to go over some of those things with the pro to try and resolve them. However there’s no place to play golf like on a course so out with went to tackle my issues in a live fire exercise.

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