Week Review 9

Oops! This one is late as well. Not that that is too much of a problem but I’ll try and get back to Mondays from here on out.

This week has been really good for my golf. Following on from my lesson covered in last weeks review I’ve managed 3 full swing practice sessions and some putting and short game time and I’ve had no recurrence of my slicing issue. I’ve still got work to do to groove the habits back into my swing routine but I can at least imagine myself being able to complete a round now. It’s definitely pushing me to speak to my pro more often and certainly if i’m noticing unwanted trends with my shots as it only took him 5 minutes to sort out my weeks of frustration.

I did get out on the 9 hole on Saturday just to see what happened on the course with the swing changes and, whilst I wasn’t counting it as a proper round (hence no round review), there were a high percentage of good shots in there and when i did lose a shot it was to the left which would have been unthinkable for the majority of the year so far.

I am due to play a full round on Thursday this week but that is looking likely to be weather affected according to the forecast so i may still have to wait longer for the first 18 hole round of the year. Come on spring why aren’t you here already!


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