Week Review 8

Now technically this post is late, but this one at least was intentional. With my ongoing flip flopping between hitting the ball well and hitting the ball OB right I had a session booked with the pro for this evening when he was back from holiday. I didn’t want to post again to say that I’d had another mixed week when all I’m doing is practicing alone and going nowhere.

True to form my pro picked up a couple of things within the first few swings and I was back to hitting laser guided bullets (well straighter shots than the last few weeks at least!). I’m going to switch up my practice a bit more now that I’ve got some things to work on with my full and stop using range sessions to just grind out a good shot with each club. It’s mostly to make sure I’m able to strike a good shot without having to warm up to each club but also because a lot of my issues are to do with tension and not letting my hands off the club between shots only makes that worse.

Onto week 9 and the 3rd month of the year already. The weather should start picking up in my part of the world then and the course becomes my almost sole focus to get the score of under 100 out the way. Then i get to treat myself to a present of new clubs. Hopefully that’s before next Christmas though!


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