Week Review 7

Lucky number 7. This week has been a big relief for my mental state and hopefully signals the turnaround at just the right time for the future of my golf. A Sunday trip to the range finally made a breakthrough after the increasing despair of my round on Saturday. Prior to yesterday everything was going to the right and nothing I could seem to do made any difference. I had tried adjusting so many of the different things I’ve worked on in lessons previously (grip, stance, tempo, takeaway) and nothing had seemed to have any effect on it. I went to the range yesterday with my GoPro determined to get something to look at and analyse to see if I could spot anything and in doing so I stumbled upon the thing which has seemed to give me a fighting chance of getting some balls back on target.

What it seems to have been was a tendency to let my head drop too far down after addressing the ball. This meant everything felt fine and looked ok as I was doing all my checks but then as I actually swung I was changing my eye line to the ball and my chin was blocking my shoulders on the way through the downswing. Essentially I was swinging blind and just trying to get my hands back to the ball as soon as possible on feel alone and not rotating the clubface. Now having made it sound that simple I await my next session at the range (possibly Tuesday night) to see if I can get back to hitting the ball well and not having to go through the whole process again. I am very hopeful though and Sunday was the best I’ve felt with a long club in my hand for a while.

I’ve also got the first full 18 hole round of the year booked in the calendar for the 6th March when I have the week off work. If this can stay under control it might take less than the whole week to get round the course!


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