Dibden 9 Hole 18-02-2017

A combination this one. My usual Saturday roll up lesson was turned into an on course thing as there was only a few of us. Now this wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for as I’ve been struggling with my full swing during my range time and I really wanted to go over some of those things with the pro to try and resolve them. However there’s no place to play golf like on a course so out with went to tackle my issues in a live fire exercise.


Whilst the round itself wasn’t very good it at least showed me the difference between my perception of my golf during my range time and playing on the course. Everything is slicing right at the moment on the range and on the course that was no different but at least it wasn’t actually putting me out of bounds (except for the 6th) and so I could at least get through it. The end was better than the start but we went out with no warm up so that was to be expected.

I’m not exactly happy with my golf at the moment and I am desperate to get some decent time in to fix the issues I’ve got. Alas I’m not quite sure when that will be and with the weather starting to improve I don’t want to get off to an indifferent start with my full rounds. Lots of work to come over the next couple of weeks I guess.


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