Week Review 6

And that’s another one gone. A real mixed time last week. I had the week off work and was full of enthusiasm for hitting the range and course hard and starting to tick off some of the rounds I want to play this year and hopefully even some of the challenges. Unfortunately what it turned out to be was a frustrating mess of practice and nearly quitting that made me question my sanity on more than one occasion!

My ongoing frustration with courses in my area being too wet to play properly continued and, despite getting out on more than one trip to the course, I only managed to play 12 holes and all were on temp greens. To try and counteract this I hit the range a couple of times and to my extreme disappointment found my slice issues (a major fault in delivering the back of my left hand towards target at impact instead of releasing and turning my hands over) creeping into every club instead of just lurking in the longer ones. This is what led to the moment of questioning why I was even bothering to try and tackle the tricky beast of golf for the last 18 months if I hadn’t really made any progress and was going to let myself slip back into old habits.

After a very grumpy day I managed to see sense and headed back out to fight the demons once more. It turned out to be just what I needed and I hope to have put the issues to rest for the moment by focusing on keeping my swing tempo under control. I actually produced some of my best shots with long clubs for a while on Sunday although I did stay away from the driver to avoid the temptation to try and hit the skin off the ball. I even managed to get myself into a good groove with some short range chipping and pitching as well so hopefully that will make an appearance in my next round.

A truly frustrating week that luckily finished on the up. Golf’s a stupid game . . . sometimes!


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