Week Review 5

Week 5 all done and dusted. A week without playing but that did include a couple of range sessions and a half hour lesson. Things are going really well with my full swing although i do have to keep reminding myself to control my tempo to allow the release of my hands to happen at the right time.

I’m now looking at setting up a block of lessons to work with the pro on working away from the range and getting more help on the course. This is mostly for my own self confidence as I try to lower my on-course scores and to make sure I’m not being overly critical and negative with myself on a couple of bad shots where my expectations are actually unreasonable. As my actual experience of golf is limited then I don’t always think my expectations are where they should be.

I did manage to play a few holes during the week but due to yet more bad weather conditions it wasn’t worth scoring. I did however hit my driver well and managed to keep it straight so it is looking likely that that will play a bigger part in my playing soon. Anyone living to the right hand side of a golf course consider yourself warned!


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