Furzeley Golf Course 28-01-2017

Another trip to the very nice Furzeley Golf Course and the conditions were slightly better this time although still very much in UK winter golf conditions with all tees off mats. After a poor practice session beforehand the actual on course performance turned out pretty good. I didn’t really manage to capitalize on my good shots but still managed to take a good chunk of shots off last times score.


Being 12 over through 9 holes was a much reasonable score and although it still took me 1 hole to get started that was a big difference and where I saved most of my shots. On the first hole I wasted a few chips from not really having a chipping/pitching technique and is something I will take a lesson on in the near future.

Overall a round I was happy with especially after the poor quality shots I was hitting in warm up to it but still plenty of things to work on.

GG Handicap – no change at 19.8

Putts per hole – no change at 1.9

Longest Drive – no change at 215 yds



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