Week Review 3 – Simulator Results and more

A bit more active this week and that started with a session on a Flightscope simulator. Being a techie and watching a lot of the Youtube pros use the simulators all the time I had really been looking forward to getting to have a go on one myself. I did some research and found a place near me that had one and booked myself in. I was looking to do some scientific club yardage testing.

I had a reasonable idea of the distances I could hit but it was a good chance to get some that didn’t involve the wind or range balls making everything a bit of a guess. It also allowed me to tackle something I often struggle with which is classifying and praising myself enough for my good shots. With lines on the screen and the numbers all recorded I was better able to put in perspective the big scuffy hook I’d just hit when I could still see the good shots.

My results were no big surprise which was good and meant I settled well into hitting indoors into a big screen only a few feet in front of me and it was also good to see some good drives come out although they were a bit wayward. In the time I had i only managed 5 shots with each club and didn’t get through my different combinations of 3/5 irons/hybrids or get to change the loft on my driver but the summary of my numbers is here:-


The 3 sets of numbers are not something I will take as gospel when playing but will help to remind me when I’m making some decisions, especially as anything over a 6 iron was a bit unpredictable. It was a great time and i will be looking to book another session soon especially if I’m buying new clubs.

I managed another Friday range session after work and went to my roll up group lesson on Saturday. I also wanted to play 18 holes after but the ground was all frozen and while that was great for hitting ridiculous distances as the ball skipped along it was also impossible to get the ball stopped on greens even with wedges so I ducked out after 6 holes. With some time off work coming up I’m hoping it warms just enough to get rid of the frost without attracting too many more players so i can get some rounds in.


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