Week Review 2

Following on from the round review on Saturday it’s time for another summary of whats gone on this week. I managed only 1 session at the range after work during the week but did attend the regular roll-up lesson on Saturday and played 9 holes after (which included my first birdie of 2017) so still managing to get some golf time in around the weather.

I didn’t quite hit all the sessions I wanted to but managing to play was a bonus. The plan for the coming week involves time at the range tonight followed by a session in a local simulator tomorrow. I’m mostly just testing out the facility as it is close by but it will help satisfy some of my need for data and statistics on my swing and yardages with each club in a closed environment. This will then help me make some decisions regarding new clubs in the future once I’ve hit the required personal target (scoring under 100 for a full round).

I’m expecting/hoping to see some numbers in this sort of range for carry:-

  • 60 degree – 60 yds
  • 56 degree – 75 yds
  • PW – 100 yds
  • 9I – 110 yds
  • 8I – 120 yds
  • 7I – 130 yds
  • 6I – 140 yds
  • 5I/H – 150 yds
  • 3I/H – 170 yds
  • 3W – 190 yds
  • Driver – 200+ yds

For everything but the woods these are the distances I use on the course when needed and are from experience at the range with reduced distance balls but I am interested in seeing what the data says I’m capable of. There will be another post about that when i get a chance and have access to the data  and hopefully I’ll fit in another range session before trying to play again at the weekend. Second week done and still positive so looking good!


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