Dibden 9 Hole 14-01-2017

And now the second round of the year is completed too. This one was at my current home course but the conditions and the outcome were fairly similar to my round last week. This time the ground was not quite as wet but there were still a few temporary tees in place. The weather was pretty clear which meant it was cold and the wind that was around tended to be a bit blustery but nothing unusual for the time of year.


The story of the round was similar to before and it took me 3 or 4 holes before I was feeling comfortable with any of my shots despite having a group lesson and warm up session before playing. This is obviously something I’m going to have to work on in the future if I’m going to have any hope of consistent decent rounds. Once I got going however I was very happy with the shots I was producing and this included my first birdie of the year. Haven’t managed a par yet though!


Chipping caused me some issues again with the third hole alone containing 3 wasted shots as I struggled to cover the 30 yards to the green left by a chunky tee shot. The driver did make an appearance in this round and despite not making good contact it did it’s job so hopefully I’ll feel more comfortable using it in future. You can see the Game Golf round here.

GG Handicap – increased 0.3 to 19.8 from 19.5

Putts per hole – no change (1.9)

Longest Drive – still 215 yds


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