Week review

The first week of 2017 is already over and I’ve managed to play 9 holes and practice once. The weather is obviously a big factor at the moment but getting 9 holes in last Monday was great even if the performance wasn’t that good.

I spent some time at the range on Saturday as well to try and get my ball striking back to where I know it can be when I hit enough balls. I ended up with a couple of things to think about including that I can likely be a bit more aggressive with my swing as long as I wait to complete the backswing correctly. I’m also looking at improving my fitness and flexibility to make sure i can get shoulder rotation in without compromising balance.

Looking at 3 practice sessions this week  and a roll up lesson on Saturday. If the weather is kind I might manage to play some holes at the weekend too but that’s definitely not guaranteed at this time of year. Either way I’m excited at the prospect of improving and starting to push on to being a handicap golfer.


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