Furzeley Golf Course 02-01-2017

So my first round of 2017 has now been completed. I played the front 9 holes at Furzeley Golf Course yesterday with a friend and it was a nice day considering the time of year but the ground was very wet after some recent rain. Still the view off the first tee looked pretty good and I was excited to get the year underway.


Unfortunately that’s about where the joy ended as the first 4 holes were a stark reminder of my issue with transitioning from the range to the course. Despite a trip to the range beforehand to check i could strike a ball the first 3 tee shots all went significantly right and all put me in trouble which i struggled to recover from. My chipping was lacking confidence and this wasn’t helped by the conditions and the large distances I was leaving myself once on the green were also showing up my lack of putting experience in the winter time. Luckily I improved slightly through the next few holes and managed to get things under control by the 6th and finish with a run of 3 bogies to save some respectability.

You can view the round on my Game Golf Profile here. Being 18 over through 9 holes wasn’t really what I’d hoped for especially as this wasn’t the longest set of holes and the driver never even came out of the bag. The early tee shots with 7 and 8 irons cost me a fair few shots but that is the first round of 2017 completed and it definitely gives me something to think about over the next few weeks when I’m practising and playing (if I get the chance!).

GG Handicap – increased 0.7 to 19.5 from 18.8

Putts per hole – decreased from 2.0 to 1.9

Longest Drive – unchanged at 215 yds


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