2017 Targets

Well the new year has rolled around and now the real work begins on improving my Golf and trying to hit my targets. With the first round of the new year planned with a friend tomorrow then the plan starts here. The rough plan involves getting the driver under control and improving scores by playing more. The detail of that is obviously more complicated!

I played 9 holes on Christmas Eve complete with horrible Christmas jumper and it was a very reasonable round. 7 over through 9 on the course where i have my membership is one of my better ones and even included at least one duffed chip and a couple of close putts so could have been lower. Now, what that leaves me with at the start of 2017 is Game Golf stats as follows:-


Now I believe my stats will be better than my actual ability as the 9 hole course I’ve played most is a short almost par 3 course but that doesn’t stop me using this as a baseline as long as I monitor it correctly and don’t let the data detract from what I am doing. I am planning on playing 5 full 18 hole rounds as soon as possible in the new year to set a better baseline and adjust my plans accordingly.

As it stands at the moment I am hoping to be shooting 18 hole rounds consistently around 90 by the end of the year rather than over 100 that I do at the moment and I think my chipping and pitching will be the place to significantly improve on to help with this. I don’t think this is that hard a goal to achieve but what I will need to do is make sure I am dedicating enough time to practicing and playing to ensure it’s a consistent ability rather than a one off score.

I’ll cover off some more of my detailed targets relating to the Insights tab on Game Golf once I’ve completed some 18 hole rounds this year so look out for those installments as time goes on.


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