The contents of my bag are likely to change fairly soon in the new year but here’s a quick rundown of what i’m currently using. I’ve gathered a few clubs over the last 2 years as my swing and playing has changed and so i tend to chop and change this around fairly frequently.

Irons – Dunlop Tour Red

I bought a starter set of trusty Sports Direct specials nearly 2 years ago to get me started with a set and as yet i haven’t changed the majority of them out. I use 5-PW of the same steel shafted iron set and I’ve supplemented the set with the graphite shafted 3 iron of the same style.

Hybrids – Dunlop Tour Red

The starter set came with a 4 hybrid (21 degrees) and I’ve also got the 3 (18 degrees) and 5 (24 degrees) which I interchange with the equivalent irons for whatever i’m hitting best at the time. Initially i preferred the hybrids but i find myself favouring the irons more at the moment as i’m struggling with the ball ballooning up with hybrids.

Fairway Wood – Dunlop Tour 3W 15 degree

A replacement for the newer version that came with the set as the head came off the first one. I don’t yet find myself reaching for this club in many situations as the dispersion is just too high for the extra distance i gain but hopefully the more range time with this and the driver will make the difference.

Driver – Callaway X2 Hot

This is a recent used eBay purchase and is set at neutral 11.5 degrees. I love the look and feel of this club although I’ve not yet had the chance to get used to it and start using it on the course. It’s the first real club I’ve bought after my starter set.

Wedges – Dunlop

Nothing special about these but i do find them very playable and they have allowed me to do some things way above my skill level in the early stages of playing. I run both a 56 and 60 degree and when i replace them i will go for 3 wedges and include a 52 as well. Another thing that will be replaced when the scores require it.

Putter – Dunlop Tour DP1

The starter set had a bladed putter and while i started off OK with this i made the change to this one to try and help with getting the ball to the hole due to it’s extra weight. I like the look of this putter but i will be looking to switch to something different in the future.

That’s how the bag sits at the moment. They are actually being transported round in a very nice Callaway Hyper Lite 2 which i picked up recently that i’m sure will get very dirty by the time I’ve finished with it but looks really nice in white.



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