The Baseline

Just a quick bit about where my current Game Golf stats are. I only have a limited number of rounds completed over my time playing so I’m not doing too much analysis on the detail as its stands. However these are the headline stats:-


The only bits i will mention here are the Fairway % being pretty good but i tend to club down accordingly and as i intend to increase my driver usage this will be something that is likely to fluctuate. The other is putts per hole being at 2, the courses i have played on have tended to be relatively flat greens so i will be looking to work hard to maintain that and hopefully reduce it.


This is my shots gained/lost against a scratch handicap player and is where I will be focusing most of my comparisons for looking at what to practice/improve and where to be more or less critical about my game. I would have said that off the tee was one of the weakest parts of my game but the stats show that that is not the case and i need to work far more on around the green to see my scores reduce.



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